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Your host at Killer Kustom Photo, Dave!

Killer Kustom Photo is a blog devoted to my love of custom cars, bikes and trucks. I spend a fair amount of time seeking out car shows in my area and I bring along my cameras and a notepad to try and learn as much as I can about the cars that I see. Photography is something that I have always loved and to mix the two up -cars and photography, is just killer man!

So here I am doing what I love to do. Seeking out cars and shows, meeting cool people and hearing their stories of the blood, and of the sweat and cash that was sacrificed for their killer rides! I love all types of cars, trucks and bikes, I am a gear head down to the core. I like to make friends at the shows, their cars are like family that grow and change through time, and I am honored to hear of the milestones and progress made on every project. Who knows you may have already met me! I am that old, tall dude with a camera asking all kinds of questions, rolling around on the ground, poking my head inside your car,  trying to get the killer shot! Either way, it is overdue that I write the stories and post the photographs of my adventures so please visit often and COMMENT ON THE STORIES!! At least say hello and let me know someone is there, haha, I would really appreciate it.

Warmest regards my friends, hope our paths cross soon!

Dave Parker

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