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’41 Willys 4-Door

September 9, 2012 by daveparker | Comments Off on ’41 Willys 4-Door

Sweet ’41 Willys 4-door that I saw at the 2012 Tracy Bean Festival car show this weekend. Amazing paint that the owner tells me is over 20 years old! This is a really nice car and a not very common example of a Willys. This is a four door which the owner tells me is really rare, there just were not many built and it’s unknown how many are still running out there! He speculates that it may have been an officers staff car from WWII, but the paper trail has a large gap in it and it cannot be confirmed. Either way, it’s a sweet hot rod. I like the flames and the inside looks more comfortable than most of my furniture at home!

'41 Willys 4-Door

Love the flames on this 20 year old paint job, 41 Willys 4-Door!

'41 Willys 4-Door

Who says flames are out of style, these flames are killer!

'41 Willys 4-Door

I love this four door hot rod! ’41 Willys 4-Door

'41 Willys 4-Door

Full leather interior, new gauges in the que, hope to see this car again with the changes, stay tuned!




Pov R T

July 13, 2012 by daveparker | Comments Off on Pov R T

I got a little abstract on this Model T Hot Rod! Seen at Picnic in the Park, Tracy in May of 2012. The License was POV R T get it? haha If you have built any sort of custom car I am sure you get it, for me I kept thinking POV (point of view) and I was all getting down in the grass going for some weird angles. Plus I loved those giant rear tires, big old N-50 15’s or something like the good old days man! Sigh…


It’s not a rat rod, it’s a Hot Rod, good ol Model T Rodder!


Simple dual-quad setup on top a tunnel ram, lots of chrome glistening in the sun, I’m feelin’ a little emotional!