Killer Kustom Photo

Killer Kustom Photography

July 21, 2012
by daveparker
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Commenting Fixed!

I hope my broken commenting system did not drive you away, all fixed now, thanks Mike!

July 14, 2012
by daveparker
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’65 Corvette NCRS Arkus-Duntov Winner!

This is the nicest Corvette I am pretty sure I have ever seen. This ’65 owned and meticulously restored, body off, ground up, is owned by Don Mullenhoff of Livermore. A member of NCRS (National Corvette Restorers Society) Don was just awarded the very exclusive and difficult to get  NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence Award. From the NCRS webstite:

“This award was created by the National Corvette Restorers Society in 1985, in honor of Mr. Zora Arkus-Duntov, long-time Chief Engineer for the Chevrolet Corvette, who retired from General Motors in 1975. The Duntov Award recognizes individuals for the restoration and preservation of 1953 -1974 Corvettes. To achieve this coveted award, an owner must attain a judging score of at least 97% out of 100 % based on an original “as manufactured” standard at a National or Regional NCRS event; as well as present the car for a rigorous performance test of all vehicle mechanical components and functions, all of which must operate as those of a new car, without a single failure. Finally, the car must again score at least 97%, at a National NCRS Convention, to receive the Duntov Award. The process of achieving the Duntov Award requires attendance at a minimum of three events, and must be completed within a three year period. Only Corvettes have achieved the NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence Award.”

Congratulations Don! It’s a beautiful car, I am in awe and inspired by your skill and craftsmanship, well don sir!


'65 Corvette NCRS Winner

’65 Corvette NCRS Winner!

'65 Corvette NCRS Winner

Beautiful interior, perfect!

'65 Corvette NCRS Winner

Chevrolet 396 just as it rolled off the showroom floor, immaculate!


’57 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Coupe

July 14, 2012 by daveparker | Comments Off on ’57 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Coupe

Check out this ’57 Olds, Super 88, Holiday Coupe. Saw this killer car out at Rimz and Ribz car Show in Livermore today. This car is owned by Phil and Shellie Schuyler out of Livermore and is a part of Altamont Cruisers, sweet ride guys!

'57 Olds Super 88 Holiday Coupe

’57 Olds Super 88 Holiday Coupe

'57 Olds Super 88 Holiday Coupe

Rear shot of this killer ’57 Olds!

'57 Olds Super 88 Holiday Coupe

Ready for a long drive cross country while on holiday!



Killer Kustom Ranchero!

July 13, 2012 by daveparker | Comments Off on Killer Kustom Ranchero!

Here is one you don’t see too often, a sweet ’72 Ford Ranchero! I loved the treatment on this baby too, bright paint, very little chrome, subtle hood scoop, well done! I wish I had a chance to talk to the owner, I would love to hear the story on this one. Hopefully I will spot it again and I can feature it here, until then my friends, feast your eyes!

'72 Ford Ranchero

’72 Ford Ranchero

Pov R T

July 13, 2012 by daveparker | Comments Off on Pov R T

I got a little abstract on this Model T Hot Rod! Seen at Picnic in the Park, Tracy in May of 2012. The License was POV R T get it? haha If you have built any sort of custom car I am sure you get it, for me I kept thinking POV (point of view) and I was all getting down in the grass going for some weird angles. Plus I loved those giant rear tires, big old N-50 15’s or something like the good old days man! Sigh…


It’s not a rat rod, it’s a Hot Rod, good ol Model T Rodder!


Simple dual-quad setup on top a tunnel ram, lots of chrome glistening in the sun, I’m feelin’ a little emotional!

July 11, 2012
by daveparker
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Rimz and Ribz Car Show, Livermore, 7/14/12

Coming up this weekend, July 14th, 2012, it’s Rimz and Ribz in Livermore. From their website:

“This marks the sixth year this annual event has been hosted at Cornerstone Fellowship – Livermore, CA.  Rimz & Ribz is a car show that celebrates diversity, including: classics, hot rods, race cars, farm machines, motorcycles, motor homes, exotics, bicycles, strollers, work trucks, you name it!”


’60 Ford Starliner

July 7, 2012 by daveparker | Comments Off on ’60 Ford Starliner

One of my favorite customs is a Starliner. There really are not too many of these around anymore, but for some reason in my area there are several that are done really well, this one being a killer example of a Killer Kustom!

'60 Ford Starliner

’60 Ford Starliner