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Killer Kustom Photography

Killer Kustom Ranchero!

July 13, 2012 by daveparker | Comments Off on Killer Kustom Ranchero!

Here is one you don’t see too often, a sweet ’72 Ford Ranchero! I loved the treatment on this baby too, bright paint, very little chrome, subtle hood scoop, well done! I wish I had a chance to talk to the owner, I would love to hear the story on this one. Hopefully I will spot it again and I can feature it here, until then my friends, feast your eyes!

'72 Ford Ranchero

’72 Ford Ranchero

Pov R T

July 13, 2012 by daveparker | Comments Off on Pov R T

I got a¬†little¬†abstract on this Model T Hot Rod! Seen at Picnic in the Park, Tracy in May of 2012. The License was POV R T get it? haha If you have built any sort of custom car I am sure you get it, for me I kept thinking POV (point of view) and I was all getting down in the grass going for some weird angles. Plus I loved those giant rear tires, big old N-50 15’s or something like the good old days man! Sigh…


It’s not a rat rod, it’s a Hot Rod, good ol Model T Rodder!


Simple dual-quad setup on top a tunnel ram, lots of chrome glistening in the sun, I’m feelin’ a little emotional!